Leave the comfort: part 2 28.09.2012

Déjà-vu? Somehow this all feels very familiar. I canceled my job, I canceled my flat and now I am about to say good bye to my friends and colleagues. Well yeah, I already did this exactly 5 months ago.

I had a blast here in Montreal and I met very interesting people with an awesome hospitality. I also found a fabulous job and was able to sneak a peak of the regular work day routine of a Canadian of Montreal.

The sense of a working hilday visa is to work and to do holiday. And now the time for holiday and travel has come. And because I always said from the beginning that I will cross the country by car the next weeks are going to be very indefinite and improvised. But that was exactly what I was searching for and I will enjoy that with every breath of my lungs. And of cause I will keep you posted about every interesting thing on my way. The frequency of new articles will raise up now that I do not have to work 40h a week.

See the map to find out what are the next steps I am going to take. From now on the Travel map will become more interesting too. I plan to do this trip within 2 Months and so you have an idea how much time I am going to spend at any place on this map. When I finally arrive in Banff I will try to find a job there for the winter season and if this is not working I will search the whole Rockies for a Job.

I do have such a zest for action now and I am so excited about the things ahead of me. The keywords of the following days will be car, gas station, camera, free wifi, my blog and “holy shit.. how great is ..”. 

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

EOS 600D 13.09.2012

I am totally insane! But it is an amazing feeling!

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND