A Day at the water 26.05.2012

It supposed to be a day at the water. Nice weather and where does it pull the common Germans? Exactly, to the water or to the beer garden. Well, i do not like beer and so there was only plan B left. A little less on orientation i used a common map service to find a short way to the river that divides Montréal to make some pictures of the water, the harbour or just the river shores.

The Sankt-Lorenz-River has its source far east and has many names until he reaches the Great Lakes. Actually the river begins right in Kingston directly after Lake Ontario. Right before he reaches Montréal he combines with the Ottawa River and both rivers are going through the city in mainly three lanes. This is mainly stamping the landscape and the structure of the city with its thousands of islands. On one of the islands is a huge theme park with roller-coasters and many other carnival rides.

It is not always like you planed it. As i finally arrives i found a lots of freight depot and freight yards and everything looks so industrial. But the first thing that catches my eye was the "Jacques-Cartier-Bridge". But i made the best out of it and lets be honest, the industrial look has its own charm. So i tried to make some pictures of the bridge but every time i had some obstacles in my view. There were always a traffic light, an advertisement shield, street lights, road signs or election posters. No pictures of beautiful landscapes but at least a lot of steel in a straight order.

There are not much good pictures left from this day but i guess i was a little fastidious from the last days i went out with my camera. The best of all is you can find in All pictures of cause. And one thing is for sure: I found some really great place near the river that are worth to take photos of by day and night. And i promise i will take them for you :)

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

Working in Canada 22.05.2012

Everything you do, you also did for the first time. Find some work in a foreign country is absolutely something i am doing for the first time. But my search already started back in Germany on several job web sites and some classified advertisement sites. The procedure of an application is similar to the way we do in Germany. The biggest difference is the content of the CV and at least that this is mostly the only document that is mandatory for an application. In most of the times in Germany you have to send a motivation letter, the CV and your last leaving certificate of you highest degree. The German CV contains a picture, your birth date and you sex. Here this is undesirable. Therefor here you have a small section in your CV where you write something about yourself and what kind of worker you are and such things. In Germany this is knows as the "third page".

It is a little bit funny that i found my current job on a classified advertisement website and my application was not really meant to be that serious. I mean, how seriously is an add where they say that you can play and test computer games the whole day and getting paid for that. But this company replied almost 4 hours later and asked if i am currently in Montréal and if i could send them my mobile number for a personal call.
->> That was 3 weeks before i left home! <<-
Lucky for me, they still were interested after my arrival and so we made an appointment for an interview.

By the way, a job interview completely in English is one of the things i did for the first time too. But everything went well and we had a nice talk. After some minutes they gave me 2 test to fill out. One was an English test and one was a German test. At least i should correct and test the translation of computer game, so this was quite logic. The funniest at this point was, that the German test was even harder and much more longer than the English test. After exactly one week they send me an Email that i passed both tests and as soon as they need me they will contact me.

So today was my first day at work. But is was the same as every first workday in a new company and different at the same time. New people, computer games, everything in French or English, high security areas and co workers from all over the world. That are some pretty good reasons to be excited i guess. But because of my professional discretion agreement i am not allowed to tell you much more. But is a very cool atmosphere and i have a funny bunch of co workers.

For the completion of my documents i still needed a SIN (social insurance number) card. Therefore they let me go a little bit earlier to make it right on time to the "Service Canada Centre" before they close. Going to the public authorities is usually always pain in the ass but the name holds the promises it gives you while speaking it out. An older man, i accuse him that he used to be a Hippi in his youth, explained to me what this is all about and what i have to do in a completely chilled manner. He said this number is important to handle all my taxes and insurances and that i am now registered to the, and i swear he did the air quotes, "System".

This is all i can tell you, about my experiences with the public authorities and how about finding a job here, right now. All in all i can tell that the structures are similar to Germany but everything is much more relaxed but on the other hand it seems to be more efficient too. Nice week to you and the next time i have pictures again.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

Wer redet ist nicht tot (Who can talk is not dead yet) 17.05.2012

.. and i am not dead, so i had a talk. And i talked to Holger Klein, a German radio anchorman from a public service broadcasting radio station. But he is also doing a lot of popular podcast and one is named "Wer redet ist nicht tot" (Wrint). You can here this every time you want at this Website. The topic was Canada of cause and we talked almost 40 minutes about the whole journey and the necessary preparations for such a trip. My basic idea was that an outstanding person with a distance to me could ask some different and more general questions than my family and my friends did. I think it worked, it was funny and with this and the hopefully following recordings i have a great keepsake for myself too.

Here is the link to the whole recording. My part should start at the black triangle.



And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

A night at Mont Royal 16.05.2012

What a beautiful night. This article starts similar to my article "A day at Mont Royal". This is because i made another trip to the name giving roof of the town. But this time at night and alone. And after all i was a little bit niggled that i did it alone. But later more to that. So i started my trip by bus around 9pm and on my change i took some nice pictures of the church of the Jerusalem-Fold-Montréal. This church you can find directly next to the Metro station "Mont Royal".

I took all the pictures with time exposure and with the help of my small travel tripod. That is why the lights and the sky at the pictures seems much more brighter than they really has been. And because of the time exposure there are some interesting light effects you can see in the All pictures area.

The last time we went to the very top of Mont Royal by bus but this time i left the bus one stop earlier. So i could take some impressive shots from the eastern view of the city. These pictures show at least the stadium and the handrail of the view point. By the way, this view point is also a meeting place for young people with big cars and even bigger subwoofers. but differently to an appearing of such kind of people in Germany, they were really gently even by asking them to go a little aside for a good photo. But maybe they were just chilled because of the pot they smoked.

From there i headed to the view point we already have been the last time by daylight. So i took the wooden stairs into the forest and here is the part i got niggled to be alone. It was so dark and quite, except of the wind, it felt like to be blind folded. And with the following, a christ zealot could tell a nice story to proselytize some irreligious. Far away through the trees i could recognize a light. And after a while it figured like a cross. And for sure, it was a nearly 30 meter huge cross in the middle of the forest on top of Mont Royal. I took some nice pictures but i had no religious epiphany.

After that i finally reached the view point "Belévère Kondiaronk" and i was relieved. And here again there were a lot of kind young people listening to music, drinking alcohol and enjoying the night. Now i tried to ban the awesome skyline of the south of the city on photo and without being to proud of myself i think i made it. The weather forecast predicted a storm with thunder and lightnings and so i wanted to go home quickly. But i took another way as the last time. This was more an accident than on purpose but so i could take some nice pictures of the city by night. But for one thing you can be sure: I came home without getting watery.

... mhh "home" ... exciting how likely naturally this word find its way into this text. Well, i will write something about that when its time :)

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

A life sign 13.05.2012

After one week of silence now finally here is a readable life sign. I have spend the last 7 days with building a livelihood for myself. The very exiting thing about this is, that you are going to find out what is really important in life at all. The opposite of living at home is that for every step in your life you just have to wait for the right age. And along this time line you open a bank account and you make a contract for a cellular phone and you care about your insurance, paying your taxes and to find a work. All that i did compressed during the last week. And one rumour i can confirm: The people here are much more relaxed during their daily grind. This could drive some inpatient German mad but personally i am very glad to have the chance to enjoy a slow downed life here in Montreal.

The big scandal of the last week was caused by the German Telekom. Yes even about this distance they are able to drive you crazy by throwing some sticks between your feet. So on Monday i went to a shop of a Canadian Mobil provider and was of good cheer. We, the gentle shop-assistant and me tried to start my phone with a Canadian SIM-Card. The problem was that the German Telekom had locked my phone and so it did not work. The shop-assistant told me that i could call my provider and most of the time they will unlock your phone without any objections.

" .. ring .. ring .. ~greeting and explaining the problem~ .. I am Sorry, Mr Killat, but we can not unlock your phone before a time of 24 months passed by after the beginning of you contract. So i can be unlocked in November 2013 .. have a nice trip in Canada. ... klick"

"Any objections right?" But fortunately i had my old and unlocked phone with me too. So i went to the shop a second time and heard another awkward "click". And than again "click .. click .. clickclickclickclickclick" It was the gentle shop-assistant that got a little upset and hacked on his mouse that way. The reason was the that the "System" was out of function and he was unable to set up an account for me. I left the shop a little cracked but at least i organized an monthly card for the public transport system and went home by bus. I decided to spend the rest of the day in the sun at the terrace.

My Monday in 5 phrases: no mobile number, enjoyed the nice weather nevertheless, walked a lot, Telokom-Fuck-Up, organized a monthly card for public transport.

All in all it was a very relaxed week and would never dare to use your appreciated attention and bore with explanations of opening a bank account or finding a job. Of cause, right after i found work i will report to you in every detail.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

A day at Mont Royal 07.05.2012

What a beautiful Sunday. Wonderful weather, nice people and a place of excursions which is second to none. But let me start at the beginning. In "The Arrival" i already pointed out how i moved into my shared community and what a nice coincidence, at the same evening there was a party in this house. No not because of me. The Brazilian roommate, everybody call her "the mummy" invited some of her friends. So i was getting to know almost 30 people from more than 6 countries and it was very exiting to be thrown into a situation where these people tried to communicate in 3 different languages. And you can imagine that this became more and more funny by a raising amount of consumed alcohol.

This evening was quite perfect for me to get to know to a lot of new people. That leads to an invitation to join a bunch of Brazilians going to the Mont Royal on Sunday. The Mont Royal was eponymous for the city and is one of nine elevation of the Montérégie-Hills. The height of the origin Mont Royal is 233m. With this it is a very attractive place for photographer, romanticists :) and for sportsmen. They use the amount of steps to train.

As we arrived at the park we saw some people enjoying the first real warm days of the year and a very big group of about 100 Muslim people have a huge, funny BBQ with music instruments and water pipes. After watching this scurry crowd and charging our self with a lot of sun for some hours we decided to go to one of the 3 viewpoints. Now that we arrived at "Belévère Kondiaronk" we faced to a stunning view over the city.

After a ample photo session we went down the Mont Royal to the "TamTams". Since a while this seems to be a fixed all Sunday event at a small place around the "Sir George Étienne Cartier Monument". The sweet smell of burned relax cabbage was in the air and the reason for getting passive besotted was a bunch of drummers sitting around the smaller version of the "Siegessäule" of Berlin. The most of them were totaly inebriated from the drugs, themselves being there and the awesome drumsound they produced. This scenario was completed with a lot of hawkers with water pipes, emblazonments and some artistic jugglers. After the multilingual challenging party on Friday, this was the most culturally-rich day for me here in canada.

Attention a early conclusion. Maybe i am stepped out of the plane with my lucky foot but it seems the whole city tries everything to comfort my life here in any possible way. It is possible to draw on unlimited resources in a cultural, interpersonal and architectural way. Go on this way Montreal, let the euphoria never ends.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

Stade Olympique de Montréal 06.05.2012

This is dedicated to Jule and Tobi. I already wrote down my thoughts and feelings about that wonderful day. So why should i write them again. Thanks again you both.

erste Blocknotiz

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

The arrival 05.05.2012

It´s done. After a long journey of almost 15 hours i finally arrived Canada. It was a little scary to enter the airport with only the thirty people of my plane and a few officers. It feels always a little post apocalyptic when wide places and building, made for great masses of humans, are almost empty. And with this feeling in my pocket, i am facing the most exiting part of the journey: Immigration. But what can i say, it was very calm. To show the kind officer my "Letter of invitation" and my passport. Nobody ask for a health insurance, round-trip ticket or a proof of finances.

! I am allowed to stay and work here for a whole year !

After my first night, i already describe how comfortable the bed was, i went to visit the sharing community i wanted to move in. So out of the door and lets see how far i come in a city where less of the signs are described in two languages. My first impression of the city: Wide and flat. It seems somebody took a rolling pin and bulldozed the whole city. The most of the building are not higher than 3 or 4 stories and you have to take long ways to get somewhere. In the centre of the city there are of cause higher buildings to but as far as i can see now it do not dictate the skyline.

The leopard cannot change his spots. That means: i was not 4 minutes away from the motel and i find myself looking, with my eyes of an electrician, at the cabling of the city and was totally reminded to my vacation in Portugal. In the picture next to the text, you can see a footbridge over a city freeway. To the left and right of the street there were electric cables leading into the centre of the city. From the stairways it was easy to reach this cable by just reaching out your hand. I have to confess that i ducked myself while i was passing the cables. :)

The share community i visited yesterday was really cool and the people there were really sympathetic and so i went there a second time. But this time i had to take this long way with all my pack (30kg) on my back. And weather was quite awesome for a move: drizzling rain and hot as hell. The picture to the right shows you the distance i had to cover.

Now i have a shelter and WI-FI and with this i set the first foot on this foreign "Planet" named Canada. The next steps are opening a bank account, get a mobile number and find a job. I will keep your posted about every detail, of cause.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

The Start 04.05.2012

After a sad and long good bye (a whole year: WOW is it really me doing this?) i enter the A330 to my NewYork. The flight itself was not worth mention but the selection of movies and TV-shows was large and really great. Sometime it seems that the creepy media player of this touchscreen was not really made for the masses of the lists. After almost 8h sitting in the chair, NewYork embrace us with clouds and rain. Right after we come out of the clouds we touched the ground. So it was impossible to take some pictures from the places of interest. I was not very happy to be forced to enter the States but at least one thing they are doing very well: "being palsy-walsy".

Now that i was forced to enter the States i was allowed to leave the airport. But i did not see much of the NewYork at all. It is hard to get away from the airport on foot. And to take the public transport system or a cap, without any cash, no for that i was cowardly at least. So i walked up and down the roads in front of the airport until i saw a sight far away in the rain. At first i thought it was the Brooklyn Bridge but it was the Verrazano Narrow Bridge that appeared to be a very impressive building in my 36x zoom. After that slightly satisfying shoot i went inside to the check in. And here you go, the whole program. Take off your shoes, your belt, unpack the laptop and at least bodyscan. But everything "palsy-walsy".

Now after almost 2h there were just 4h left to wait for the plain to Montreal. So i walked to the gate and smashed myself on the bench and tried to sleep. Particular i was able to sleep but several time i woke with the bad feeling "Oh damn it, i missed my plane". How i looked like after that you can see on a picture but i advise you not look at it :)

The flight to Montreal and the ride with the cap to the motel are not really worth to mention but at least nothing went wrong. The bed in the motel was quite big and comfortable and with that the absolute Highlight of my journey.

That´s it for the moment. It was not very exciting till now but real big things never start with a boom :) Maybe tomorrow you can read my article about my start here in Montreal.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

The preparation 04.05.2012

Of cause, there was a lot more to do than just packing my stuff but for me it was one of the most interesting parts of all. Here is a picture to view and goggle.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND