Finally some pictures 25.06.2012

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

A hell of a movie 17.06.2012

... well meanwhile i am here for 6 weeks now and this is how i would like to name my first impression. It is really hard to tell how i feel about all this cause my brain has just started to take this whole scenario for real. But i have to defend my brain in this way because almost everything that i sample here seems to be like a movie. The image i have of north America is maybe just to embossed by the movies i have seen but the most circumstances here are very movie like. For instance the community i live in. I share a flat with a Brazilian, a Canadian, a French and a Russian. You can imagine what kind of potential to compare international cultures this is. An we can go on with the job i have. I have a job where i get paid for playing video games most of the time. And in fact the most significant thing is Montreal it self.

I am getting to know new ares of this city almost every day and none of them looks or feels like the one before.You can find so versatile cultures here and so they created such a diversity in their city as well. Now that i found a place where i finally can play beach volleyball Montréal became a city that can provide anything i would demand from a home town. And that is the point. Home. At the end of my article "A night at Mont Royal" i mentioned how easy an almost naturally the word "home" found its way into this article. And that is it: Montréal became a home to me!

Originally i came to Canada to improve my English.
Originally i wanted to work in Toronto.
Originally i thought my missing french skills would isolate me socially.
Originally i just wanted to stay for 1 Month.

Now i can also learn a little bit french.
Now i found a perfect job here.
Now i am surrounded by many new friends.
No i am going to stay here for 5 till 5 months.

Now after all that glorification there is still one question left. "Am i homesick?" Yes of cause i am homesick! Montréal might be my home now but my thoughts and feelings are still in Stolzenhagen and Berlin. This is where i belong. And this is what i want to express with this article. Montréal has chosen me but i do not belong to here for ever. And as much as i appreciate how this city is acting to me, my time here is limit and that is the key why everything i mentioned is working so well for me. And this is also the reason why this all feel like a movie to me.

Stolzenhagen ... Berlin ... wait for me! I will come back and bring some stories with me.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND

Yes: It is hot here! 10.06.2012

The great distress that leads me to that was: heat. So i figured out that Canada is not freezing always and everywhere. And so i spent the first weeks laying gasping in my room bagging for every breeze the open window promised to me.

To escape from this scenario i decided to buy an USB-fan. This is a small fan which is only powered by an USB interface. But Montréal is not Berlin and so you are not going to find so many consumer electronic stores with an all over product range with all the nice gadgets. The shopping culture here is more like smaller stores at every second corner with a more specific product range. At least i used a web service to order that stuff. But by the way, the shipping times are not comparable to Germany and so i had to wait almost 2 weeks for my gadgets.

And now that i already in a shopping spree i decided to grab a tight black one too. At least i wanted to size the shipping cost as good as possible. The meaning of the tight black one at the picture is a small travel accumulator which can be recharged by the solar panel on the top of the device. So it can be used as a power source for every kind of devices that are fine with a USB source. Cellular phones, cameras or even the fancy fan. And by the way it also have a nice little flexible telescope LED. I think i am now ready for the now starting summer here in Montréal.

And so i close as always: Cheers, ND